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Top 5 Best Multifunctional Cutting Boards in 2020

A traditional food cutting board does the job, but when it comes to throwing out or transferring cut food, the traditional cutting board does not meet its expectations. With modern technology and entrepreneurial ideas, cutting boards have taken the next step in new kitchen technology.

The best thing about multifunctional cutting boards is that the process of storing food, transferring food, and collecting food has become way more quicker and convenient.

In this article, you will read about the top 5 best multifunctional cutting boards in 2020.

#5. Kristie's Kitchen Cutting Board with Tray

Kirstie's Kitchen Cutting Board provides you with unique comfort when preparing food. The structure of the cutting board is made from BPA Free Plastic making it 100% food safe as well as dishwasher safe!

Made with a non-slip design, the large surface allows you to cut food persistently without any issues. The cutting board comes with two trays, one works as a strainer and the other tray allows you store food. Once the strainer gets rid of excess water, cut your food and simply slip it in to the drawer!

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#4. HHXRISE Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

This slick bamboo designed cutting board is perfect for cooks who want to be organized when preparing food. The overall quality of the board is very good as its a thick board with an overall slick feel. It's also very aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen!

The boards design has three separate compartments as well as a groove along the side allowing for any excess water or juice to get trapped from running on the counter. The compartments are perfect for storing diced fruit and vegetables, letting you stay organized.

To keep it durable and slick, the board is best washed by running water and soap, we would not recommend passing it to the dishwasher.

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#3. Anyo Bamboo Chopping Cutting Board with Tray

The Anyo Cutting Board is perfect for those with simple needs. Cut and store. With its unique design, this cutting board comes with two BPA FREE trays allowing you to store food in the refrigerator and freezer without any harm! The trays are dishwasher safe making it easy and convenient to clean after every use.

The board comes with a Bypass Channel allowing for any juices to be caught. On each corner, there are non-slip feet attached, allowing you to cut food or fruit without any issue on any surface.

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#2. FISHSUNDAY Extensible Bamboo Cutting Board Set

The FISHSUNDAY Cutting Board takes it to another level. Coming with 4 refrigerator/freezer safe containers and a plastic board to hold your phone or tablet, changes the whole cutting experience.

Another bamboo design, allowing you to cut without any troubles along with a non-slip design keeping the board sturdy during use.

The storage containers are a great addition letting you store food and waste without making any mess. As simple as they are to install, they are even easier to take out and clean especially being dishwasher safe.

This large cutting board is the perfect multifunctional kitchen gadget everyone must have in their kitchen!

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#1: BambooLand Cutting Board with Trays

The perfect cutting board with trays helping you stay organized and clean. Four high quality trays with bamboo lids allowing you to store food in the refrigerator or freezer and even better, they are microwave free!

Coming with a natural mineral oil cover that serves as a hydrator between the food and wood keeping the food fresh! The high quality bamboo makes the board sturdy and with its well structured design, the board does not slide on counter tops when in use!

A versatile board allowing you to cut meat, fruit vegetables, and more! The board comes with an opening that allows you to slide the cut food right into the trays without leaving any mess. Once the tray is full, slide it right out, pop a bamboo lid on it, and store it however you want!

This is the perfect multifunctional board for anyone that wants to stay organized and clean! This is the perfect gift for anyone on any given special occasion!

Available here:

This is the perfect list for anyone looking to replace their old traditional cutting boards. Multifunctional cutting boards are changing the cooking experience. Each cutting board has their special design and size, fitting everyones preference. The list does not follow any order allowing you to decide which one is the best to buy!


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